Floral Fragrances

The most popular of all fragrance families, Floral fragrances range in single flower notes such as rose, jasmine, or gardenia, to a variety of mixed bouquets.

Fresh Fragrance

The Fresh fragrance family captures the scents of fresh-cut grass to violet leaves or the aromas of water notes such as the wet air after a thunderstorm or the sea breeze of summer.

Sweet Fragrance

Taking cues from the world of gourmand, sweet vanilla, rich chocolate, and hints of honey are some of the scents that create this playful, yet captivating category.

Spicy Fragrance

Inspired by the traditional Oriental fragrance family. Spices, incense, and patchouli are some of the blends that come together to create sensual and sophisticated scents.

Woody Fragrance

Often using technology to clone the woody scents of cedar and pine, or the earthy tones of tobacco and burnt wood, perfumers are rediscovering all the possibilities that comprise the Woody category.